Market challenges

"Time is money" is especially true of the material handling industry, which covers the movement, storage, control and production of materials and products. It is worth countless billions of Euros worldwide. Nearly all other industries depend on it: construction, agriculture, power utilities and heavy industry. Material handling systems involves everything from small overhead cranes for production lines, to huge Ship-To-Shore Cranes (STS) for megaports, or Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMGs) used in intermodal freight terminals: the giant backbones of global trade.

What you expect from a cable manufacturer

  • A complete range of products and cable solutions adapted to your specifications and products
  • Short delivery times to avoid expensive production and transport stoppages
  • Special cables for a new generation of cranes and large container handlers
  • Technical support for high-end products and fast repair services
  • Lighter, smaller cables for more compact and efficient cranes
  • Cables with durable sheaths to endure high acceleration and braking
  • Special braiding to resist repeated tensile and torsion stress

Nexans saves you both time and money

Nexans offers a complete range of material handling cables: for festoons, spreader, reeling and a wide choice of energy and data cables. Our cables come in reduced outer cable diameters, which means important savings. Also, they offer high tensile strength, flexibility and perennial wear-resistance. New anti-torsion polyester braids increase stability and minimize twisting. Moreover a second sheath bonded with a third one gives our cables unsurpassed mechanical and chemical properties, including elongation at break, and resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet rays, and ozone.

Nexans expertise

  • Full product range for festoons, spreaders and energy/data supply
  • Specialized products that can guarantee high traveling speed and acceleration/breaking even under dynamic stress and during continuous use
  • Customized hybrid cables, including integrated databus and optical fiber
  • Cost-savings through quality and constant innovation
  • Coordinated product development with specialized reel and crane manufacturers
  • Long-term technical support for all high-end products
  • 24-hour on-site repair service to avoid costly delays
  • Special training for wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and endusers
  • System integration to merge energy and data needs
  • Quick delivery through dedicated logistics, worldwide availability
  • Conformity to VDE, EN and IEC standards
  • High data capacity and low electromagnetic interference
  • 1kV festoon cables manufactured in China to serve the local market